Vision accelerator

Can you provide samples using computer vision accelerator ? Are they same as vision works samples ?

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Hi RaviKiranK,

Not sure what kind of samples for vision accelerator you need, please be more specific then can have suggestions.

Is there a way to api / flag that offload computer vision tasks to accelerator
Or only some algorithms can be offloaded to CVA ? Can you provide the list. ?


Are you asking the sample code for PVA?
If yes, sorry that the API for PVA is not ready yet.

We will update more information here once the API is ready.


What is the right reference ? PVA or CVA


May I know the source of these images?
Is it from our official document?

The vision hardware calls PVA.
It looks like the CVA indicates our DLA processors, which targets for inference task.


Hi Aasta,

I have multiple official documents, with different representations, hence the confusion.

will contact engineering thanks