visionworks renderer without X

I want to use visionworks and render a video file or even better an h264 stream without having to use a screen and an X-window session. The program generated should be launched automatically at start, how can I do that ?
When I try to create a videorender without loggin to an X session, it generates an error.



As I know, visionworks API is based on X11. As a result, if you want to use non-X environment, it would have error.

To use non-X11 system, only mmapi sample 08, which uses DRM based API supports it.

Thanks, where is this sample located, I can’t find it

Please download it through Jetpack.

Multimedia API
The Jetson Multimedia API package provides low level APIs for flexible application development.

I have jetpack already installed but do not find any mmapi example

oh, maybe you mention the 08_video_dec_drm example ?

Yes, that is what I mentioned.

unfortunately using your low level Library is awfully complicated when we try to make Something a little bit specific.

Why is the visionworks Library so limited concerning the output possibilities ? Such a Library that enables the use of cuda and with almost limitless capabilities does not offer any option concerning the rendering.

I saw that avi ouptut is possible but h264 is not, and there is no tweaking parameter available except the bitrate.

Sorry for that. The limit of visionworks comes from the graphic system of Tegra. Most of our usecase on L4T is based on X11. As a result, most of usecase GL/GLES rely on X11.

As I know there are two ways to enable non-X render, one is using DRM, which is low level api and the other one is using gstreamer pipeline with nvoverlaysink.

ok do you know if h264 is possible with visionworks?
could you point me a good tutorial on using gstreamer with tx1?


Please refer: