Visual Basic and CUDA why not ?

is VB running on CUDA in Windows Vista ?
i think about 64 bit ?
maybe in first as 32 bit ?
must i write new kernel ? Translate VB to C++ environment ?
Have You that kernel as this ?



Are you running VB6 or VB.NET? Either way, you should be able to access CUDA via COM interop services.

You’ll have to re-write the code that does the actual calculations in C/C++ though, then access it using your VB as a GUI. There’s only a CUDA compiler for C/C++ at the moment.

I think about Office Environment , GPU that is powerful new technology for ever people .
What do You think about integrate this environment ?

Office 2007 (and possibly 2003, I can’t remember) support .NET DLL’s in place of the older VBA; though, I think via COM interop, you could still use VBA if you really needed to support a much older version of Office.

So, to answer your question – yes. For example, you might do a monte carlo option pricing simulation in CUDA (see the SDK example) and pull the information into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.