vkSignalSemaphore() call is blocked frequently

Vulkan SDK : Vulkan 1.2.182
NVidia Driver : 466.77


vkSignalSemaphore() call is frequently blocked in multi-threading environment.

callstack is like below :

  • win32u.dll!00007ffc8f955c84()
  • nvoglv64.dll!00007ffc31390f07()
  • nvoglv64.dll!00007ffc3178c43a()
  • nvoglv64.dll!00007ffc3178c725()
  • my_thread_func()

That location deos not change even after a long wait.

If I call it inside a scoped lock block, that problem rarely occurs. Is this function not thread safe?

Is there any other way around this problem? Please let me know.