Voltaire 500EX-D. Mellanox MHGH28-XTC(DDR) or MHEH28-XTC(SDR)?

Hi all,

I am new to IB world and have question.

I am installing Voltaire 500EX-D. According to Voltaire flyer (https://cw.infinibandta.org/files/showcase_product/090726.192240.411.HCA-DS-WEB-052709.pdf https://cw.infinibandta.org/files/showcase_product/090726.192240.411.HCA-DS-WEB-052709.pdf ), 500EX-D is DDR.

Documents for OEM HCA (e.g. IBM, HP) also say that 500EX-D corresponds to Mellanox MHGH-28XTC (DDR).

Whereas, ‘flint’ gave

device ID=25408


These are IDs for MHEH28-XTC (SDR).

Does any one know which is correct? Is any way to enable DDR?

Hi Takeshi,

What is correct is what is seen in the output of flint.

no option to enable DDR

Thank you eddie.notz!

I did not think so many vendor documents provided wrong information.