VPI Dense Optical Flow Support roadmap

Vpi doesn’t support optical flow on the AGX ORIN.
Could you please share with us when it is planned to be added? In my understanding, currently we can’t use the OFA to offload optical flow computations from the CPU/GPU, which is a bit disappointing while this is something advertised for the AGX ORIN…

extract from the AGX documentation

This would be a really useful and highly anticipated addition

Thank you


Yes, the feature is in our roadmap and our internal team is actively working on it.
It should be available in the near future.


Thank you, it is great to know that it is actively in development.
Do you know approximately what “in the near future” means ? Weeks? A months? Several Months?

Is there a way to be kept inform about when it is released?

Thank you !


The feature will be available in months.



Do you have any news about when the dense optical flow via VPI will be available on the AGX ORIN?

Thank you!

Please try with JP 5.1.2, it should include that feature, see JetPack SDK 5.1.2 | NVIDIA Developer

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