VS 2019#include <helper_cuda.h> and other helper suffix can't be found" --> Compilation error

Hey - Downloaded the cuda samples (using windows, VS 2019)

Header file issue with the include <helper_xxx.h> header file series.
I created a personal project within the solution (.sln) VS code fails to compile because it can’t resolve the missing files.

Checked the properties with the samples projects vs mine… but everything seems to be matching off. for example… i can include “cuda_runtime.h” that works in my sample

issues is just with “helper_series” header file… Any steps that i missed out?

Within VS code

Under Configuration Properties, select VC++ Directories.
Add an extra ; at the end of Include Directories , then add ** → C:\ProgramData\xxx\xxxx\xx\common

Did this fix your issue or were you just sharing some additional things you tried that didn’t work?

it’s fixed. File pathing issue, once u set that up correctly in VS2019 properties then all set