Cuda 11.0 and Visual Studio 2019

After running installer, and getting a success report and notification that Visual Studio 2019 had been updated, I can not compile CUDA code nor create CUDA projects.


  • I have installed the CUDA 11.0 SDK via the installer, and have followed the installation guide.
  • I’ve reviewed forum info for similar questions with older versions of the SDK.
  • I have verified paths are set correcty; nvcc can be run from the command line
  • I have both Visual Studio 2017 and 2019 installed (no inter-dependency)
  • A project template shows up in 2017 (“Cuda Runtime”) and compiles fine
  • In VS2019, there is no equivalent template, no CUDA Runtime option, and the sample code / solutions will not compile
  • I have checked the template folder, and although CUDA folders are there, they are not recognized by VS 2019 (v16.6.0)
  • The build process does not recognize .cu files; I have changed the build customizations to no effect

I can compile code via the command line, and in VS2017 but not in VS2019. Google has shown many who have this issue yet no successful fixes.

This suggests the installer did not complete an essential step when modifying VS2019. I don’t know what steps it had to do as it is internal to the installer; but it succeeded with VS2017…

Does anyone know what needs to be done to get CUDA11.0 SDK working with VS2019?

Similar issue here. I cannot create CUDA projects as well. The sample project was compiled and run successfully.
There is no template shown when creating a new project.