CUDA 9.0 Project Template for Visual Studio 2017 - error

I downlaoded and installed CUDA 9.0 Toolkit from here:
By the way, it downgraded my drivers but I kept them on that version (I didn’t update again after installation).
Then, I went to Visual Studio and trying to create new CUDA 9.0 project. The only type of project is CUDA 9.0 Runtime. I tryied to create, but I get the error message “Failed to create project. The template specified cannot be found. Please check that the full path is correct.”. What is the problem? Maybe I haven’t finished the installation proccess, I don’t know…

EDIT: I also don’t have CUDA Samples in Program Files directories. I am running Visual Studio only with C# and Basic, maybe that has to do something with CUDA installation

Yes, you need to have visual studio with C++ installed.

Thank you, are there more requirements than that? sorry for bad english

read the installation guide. You can download it from the same place that you downloaded the toolkit. It indicates a requirement for Visual C++ in the “System Requirements” section.

Thank you. Interestingly, I read only the right column of the table, didn’t notice compilers at all :)