“This project is incompatible with the current version of Visual Studio” for CUDA sample

I have a brand new laptop running Windows 8 (ASUS with a 650m). I downloaded VS2012 and tried to open up the sample project files, and for all of them I get the above error. This general error message has been addressed on Stack Overflow in a few places but the solutions in those posts didn’t help me. What do I have to do to get the samples to load in VS 2012? CUDA 5.5 btw, and the samples run; I just can’t load them in VS.

Make a new VS2012 project with the CUDA 5.5 template and add the project files. It seems NVIDIA built the VS2012 samples with VS2010, and the options/build paths/etc don’t get correctly re-generated when you convert it to a VS2012 project. This should probably be filed as a bug if it doesn’t already exist under the registered developer site.

Also, make sure you have downloaded CUDA 5.5, the previous versions are not out of the box compatible with VS2012.

Where is the CUDA 5.5 template? I couldn’t find this.

Once you have installed the CUDA 5.5 toolkit, it should come up when you make a new project in Visual Studio. On my VS2010 install, it appears under NVIDIA -> CUDA template. It is similar in VS2012.

Hmm, I’m not that familiar with VS (I always use Qt) but nothing like this comes up under ‘templates’ when I try to create a new project. I’m only using VS2012 Express–is this the problem? I don’t really have the facility to buy the professional version, this is for academic research. Is there another way I can get the template?

Yes, that’s probably the issue. The templates are included with the CUDA SDK itself and VS Express can be tweaked to work with CUDA, but if you’re a student, just get the Professional versiom from Microsoft directly for free at http://www.dreamspark.com

You just need an .edu e-mail to verify against to download it.

Hi, thanks very much for the tip on Dreamspark, please see my full reply on the other thread.