cuda instalation problem visual studio


When i try to install cuda toolkit, e get a error:
I download and intaled visual studio:
I get the same error:

It’s handy if you upload images to an image sharing site, like imgur, for easy linking. The link you’ve embedded don’t actually show, and I need to magic my way to the google doc with the images.

Here’s the Windows CUDA 5.5 support matrix:
VS 2013 Express is not supported, though if you install VS 2012 Express you should be able to install the Toolkit + Samples.

Ok, i will solve that, thanks.

And while you’re at it, if you’re looking to compile 64-bit code, you’ll need either VS2012 Professional or to install the relevant files needed to the VS2012 Express version. I recommend the former option, downloading it free from if you are a student with an .edu address.