Smooth Win7 install, samples mostly work, but can't open projects in VS2012


This is CUDA 5.0 (current as I write this). My card is a GeForce GTS 250, and the sample programs that don’t work I’m currently writing off to the fact that my card is somewhat older. But even for the samples that do work, I can’t open them in VS2012; e.g., for VFlockingDemo I get

C:/ProgramData/NVIDIA CorporationCUDA Samples/v5.0/5_Simulations/VFlockingD3D10/VFlockingD3D10_vs2010.vcxproj : error : Unable to read the project file “VFlockingD3D10_vs2010.vcxproj”.

C:/ProgramData/NVIDIA Corporation/CUDA Samples/v5.0/5_Simulations/VFlockingD3D10/VFlockingD3D10_vs2010.vcxproj(55,5): The imported project “C:/Program Files (x86)/MSBuild/Microsoft.Cpp/v4.0/v110/BuildCustomizations/CUDA 5.0.props” was not found. Confirm that the path in the declaration is correct, and that the file exists on disk.

The missing file exists, here:

C:/Program Files/NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit/CUDA/v5.0/extras/visual_studio_integration/MSBuildExtensions

Opening up the project file (in WordPad), I can see that the variable CUDAPropsPath is what the problem must be. How do I change it, or otherwise fix it? Simply manually replacing its occurrences with the correct path didn’t work, the project still failed to load. I chose only default options during the installation.

Okay, I at least got the project to load by simply copying the props files to where VS2012 expected them. Will this ‘solution’ only lead to more problems down the line? Anyway now the samples won’t build but if I can’t solve that I make another post.