VS2005 Intellisense support for CUDA? intellisense possible for CUDA libs


I just started to use Visual Studio 2005 for my CUDA projects.
I managed to configure a c-like syntax-highlighting in VS for the .cu files.
Now I was wondering if it is possible somehow to use Intellisense for CUDA?
I know this feature from programming C++ Code and I think this could be very helpful for CUDA too.

Is there a possibility to configure Intellisense so it supports general CUDA language extensions and the CUBLAS or CUFFT library functions?

Maybe there are some VS specialists out there :rolleyes:

I appreciate any help on that topic. Thanks!

Just too lazy to investigate, although it would be nice. Also for coding shaders in CG and GLSL, specially. I believe there is no easy way: it would need a plugin to the IDE, kinda like Visual Assist X (which is great for C++).