VS2017,CUDA10 and Linux development with C++ failed to compile

Hi All,

I’m using VS2017 with “Linux development with C++” with the setup as follows:

Win10 PC with NVIDIA p2000 (latest driver) and CUDA_10
Connected to the
Nvidia Tegra Xavier machine (ARMx8) running UBUNTU_18.04 LTS

When i’m adding CUDA as “build dependencies”->“Build customization”->“CUDA 10 .targets” and trying to compile project and run on the UBUNTU machine i’ve got an error in the VS even before starting the build saying:

“MSB4023: Cannot evaluate the item metadata “%()”. Parameter “MetadataName” cannot have zero length”.

and the error is pointing to the file CUDA 10.0.targets line 269:

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advanced

To clarify, are you using one of the Linux project templates from Visual Studio, such as ‘Console Application (Linux)’? If so these projects do a remote build right? If so this isn’t going to work, the CUDA build customization assumes that it’s running on Windows, using VC++ Windows tools.

However you mentioned you’re connected to Nvidia Tegra Xavier, which made me wonder if you should be using Nsight Tegra instead (https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-nsight-tegra)?