VS2022 MDL SDK Build Failing - Jit Generation

I’m able to build the GitHub solution into an MDLBUILD folder with the appropriate examples I want (primarily OpenGL). However, when I attempt to build the solution in VS2022, I’m getting the following error:

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Also disregard the fact the repo is in a folder called “VS CODE”, I am running this on Visual Studio 2022.

Hi lgreenway,

sorry, somehow we seem to have missed your question.
I just tested building the GitHub solution of MDL SDK 2023.0.2 with VS2022 and I don’t get any compile errors.

If you still have this problem, can you try updating to the latest MDL SDK release?

You could also execute the command in the second error in a cmd.exe window to see, whether mdl-jit-devlib.exe reports any errors. If not, you could debug into the application to see where it’s failing.
But I’d try updating to the new release, first.

Best regards