Vulkan - VK_EXT_debug_marker missing after new 5.2 build update?

I downloaded the new Nsight build today (, I think I was on and suddenly VK_EXT_debug_marker no longer works to let me name resources.

When I try to vkCreateDevice with VK_EXT_debug_marker in the requested device extension list, it succeeds but I get the following debug report:

“vkCreateDevice extension VK_EXT_debug_marker not available for devices associated with ICD C:\WINDOWS\system32.\nvoglv64.dll”

And upon looking at resources or memory pools in Nsight they no longer have names. It definitely worked in the previous build.

I can still call vkDeviceGetProcAddr with “vkDebugMarkerSetObjectTagEXT” and get a non-null result, calling that function just seems to be a no-op.

Renderdoc’s VK_EXT_debug_marker still seems to function alright.

Any ways I can fix this?

Nsight 5.2 build
GeForce GTX 760
Windows 10 Pro x64
VS 2015 Update 3
GeForce driver: 378.92

Hi shilbert,

Thanks for your feedback.
Can we have your sample to do some local repro? That will help us identify the issue quickly.


Hello Letitia,

This contains the debug EXE and enough assets/DLLs to run. The exe has to be run with the working directory set to the directory it is in. Let me know if you need source.

This is an x64/Debug build from VS2015.

Hi shilbert,

Thanks for your information.
An internal bug is created for tracking the issue.


Hi shilbert,

The issue is fixed in Nsight 5.3 build which is coming, please wait for the Nsight 5.3 build.
Regard to the error message “vkCreateDevice extension VK_EXT_debug_marker not available for devices associated with ICD C:\WINDOWS\system32.\nvoglv64.dll”, it’s unrelated to this issue.


Okay, awesome! Thank you for looking into it!