Watch Dog

I want to use a watchdog to see if the TX2 system is down.Can I learn from that what should I do?Is there any reference material for reference?

You could refer to L4T documentation -> Watchdog Timer.

I can not find it. Could you tell me agin?

Which file?

I find this link:

I know “/arch/arm64/configs/tegra21_defconfig” on jetson TX1.

But what is it corresponding to on TX2?

tegra18_defconfig is for tx2. Please refer to L4T document for introduction to watchdog timer.

I find the tegra18_defconfig in the kernel src. But I can’t find the watchdog timer in the L4T document.
There are the following contents in the L4T document:
Feature Notes
Tegra Watchdog Watchdog reboot from hang
Tegra Watchdog Watchdog kick
PMIC Watchdog Watchdog reboot from hang
PMIC Watchdog Watchdog kick