watch variable problem

I have problem with QuickWatch a pointer to array. I am getting error: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object. To workaround I must see the value of the pointer via cpu debug, then run gpu debug (hoping that the pointer will be the same) and paste it as address in memory view. Is it a bug that I can’t see the array passed by pointer?

Second thing is “named memory allocation”. In CUDA Info window there is column “Name” under “Memory Allocations”. How to use it because I have whole column empty.

Thanks in advance

The situation for your first question varies. What Nsight version, driver version and GPU are you using? That would be helpful if you have small piece of code can reproduce your issue.

For the “Name” column in cuda info window, that’s an incomplete feature. Should be used with nvtxExt library. It’s not ready for user to try.


Nsight 3.0, driver 306.94, GeForce GT 555M, CUDA 5.0. It is hard to say when it occurs. Some variable work fine, some not. It is hard to sqy why and when. It depends on day, restart computer or restart VS. Maybe it is problem with VS cache. If you have any tool for dumping logs I can do it while I am working on code and then I will send it to you.

Hi Adam,

This could be an issue with compiler optimization. But regardless, could we see the affected code to try to determine the issue?