Watchdog on Jetson Nano

Hi, is there any hardware watch dog timer on Jetson Nano ? I mean, not a linux-software one. If the system hang, it should reset power on.

Please refer to this topic for watch dog info. Watch Dog

Hi again. I found the following info:

# tail -f /dev/watchdog0   // open wdt
# echo 1 > /dev/watchdog0  // kick wdt
# echo V > /dev/watchdog0  // close wdt

But isn’t it a software watchdog ?
I traveled on the link you gave me. Found L4T Documentaion. But i saw nothing on a watchdog related. Only that the system supports Tegra watchdog and PMIC watchdog.
Can you give some more info pls ?

Yes, there is one and it shall be enabled by default.

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