How to enable the watchdog in Jetpack 4.6


I am trying to figure how to enable the watchdog using jetpack 4.6.

I have typed dmesg but nothing in the logs.

dmesg | grep -i watchdog
dmesg | grep -i wdt

I have not modified the image. just download and installed on a sd card.

My tegra release is:

cat /etc/nv_tegra_release
# R32 (release), REVISION: 6.1, GCID: 27863751, BOARD: t210ref, EABI: aarch64, DATE: Mon Jul 26 19:20:30 UTC 2021

It’s default enable and default is 120 seconds to reboot the system.
Have verify by below steps.

Panic/Crash Handling

There is a config variable CONFIG_PANIC_TIMEOUT which decides the action taken after panic happened.

  • If it is non-zero then it will re-boot after that many seconds when panic happened.
  • If it is zero then it will not reboot and WDT will get triggered.

The value can be change form defconfig and runtime via sysfs.

On defcofnig, we have CONFIG_PANIC_TIMEOUT=5

From sysfs:

root@t186_int:/proc/sys/kernel # cat panic 5

If you want to WDT reboot after panic then make it zero

root@t186_int:/proc/sys/kernel # echo 0 > panic root@t186_int:/proc/sys/kernel # cat panic 0

Now crash the system using

echo c>/proc/sysrq-trigger

It will either reboot or WDT reset based on panic value.

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