Web camera rtsp souce in problem

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This is a continue topic towards the web camera source issues.
Error appears when trying to add more than 6 rtsp inputs into deepstream:

I’m using deepstream-app run it in DP5, and my source file is attached here:
source_live_camera.txt (3.2 KB)
Appreciate for any help!

Are you using 5.0 DP or 5.0 GA? Also Which platform are you using?

I‘m using 5.0 GA. I installed it with Jetpack 4.4 on l4t 32.4.3 system.

Thanks, seems you are using the same uri(uri=rtsp://admin:arbor1234@ 8 times.
Pls make sure if the rtsp sever supports 8 streams in parallel and you can start 8 streaming sessions using VLC / ffplay successfully, I don’t think it’s a DS issue.

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Yes I created the same uri for 8 times since I’m now only 1 camera for testing.
I’ll try to open it with a player and see anything wrong.

In addition, the batch-size under streammux group should be 8 if you create 8 input streams. In general, number of sources == batch size.

##Boolean property to inform muxer that sources are live

Yes, it should be matched with batch size.
That should be a typo.
Thanks for correcting.

I’ve tried to open it in opencv, and it doesn’t work either.
I think you’re right, I can’t open the same camera more than 6 times.
If I create more than 6 videocaps form the same address, it will crash and prompt a similar error.
I’ll find another camera and test if it works good.
Thanks for help!