WebRTC Example Jetson TX2

I want to try test my video stream with WebRTC. I have downloaded libraries from nvidia download page. Could anybody share with me an example of running server and send video?

P.S.: Also I tried to run webrtc with webrtcbin with gstreamer, but it doesn’t work…
P.S.: Is it possible to run seimple signalling server on localhost on jetson?

There is README in the package and please try the tests first. You can try loopback test with single Jetson platform Or try Peerconnection_client/server app with multiple Jetson platforms(one as server and the others as client(s))

Yes, I have seen the README file. I have tested loopback application (it shown the video in window), peerconnection. But what I must to see?
How to transfer video to browser? Is it possible to use gStreamer on another PC to receive the video?

For further development, it would need other users to share experience. Or you may check this implementation from 3rdparty:
GstWebRTC - GstWebRTC - RidgeRun Developer Connection

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