webRTC with TX1

Hello Everyone,

I am currently trying to stream a 4k video from the drone to the client (web browser) with minimal latency using Gstreamer and TX1.
I have in the past used RTMP, RTSP, and RTP over UDP but they all introduce fair bit of latency - hence I am looking into implementing webRTC.
From the looks of things however, I don’t see any open source plug-ins for webRTC that will work nicely with gstreamer. I have checked out RidgeRun’s solution however its huge pricetag cannot fit my budget unfortunately.
Are you aware of any plug-ins or working examples that will stream H264 videos using webRTC to the clients?

Any help is much appreciated.

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Please check tegra_multimedia_api. You can install the samples via Jetpack.
There are samples to demonstrate generating h264 streams. It may be possible to integrate with webRTC to send the h264 streams to network.

I have the same needs, I don’t know how to achieve it?Can you elaborate?thank you !

Please check ‘NVIDIA Hardware Acceleration in the WebRTC Framework’ at

I too am doing live streamings on drones. My aim is to get the lowest latency possible. Is webRTC the way to go? Currently I am using NGINX server with RTMP and Gstreamer to stream and openCV to receive the video. The latency I got is about 0.4 seconds.

Can webRTC reduce that latency? and does it work with Jetson Nano?

Thank you!

You may download the package and give it a try. Not sure if the latency can achieve your requirements, but it integrates hardware decoding and should bring less power consumption.

Hi, I have the same use case and can’t seem to get it to work at all.
If you could share some setup or useful links that would be awesome!