How does gst-rtsp-server actually work? Also, what is webRTC hardware acceleration?

Hey guys, I am trying to move over from RTMP to RTSP live streaming. I read that Gstreamer has a rtsp server called gst-rtsp-server.

I git cloned this repo by :

git clone

The problem I am facing now is that I don’t know how to set up/download the server. There is no ./configure file in the gst-rtsp-server folder.

The RTMP server I use is NGINX but from my limited knowledge on the matter, I don’t think it supports RTSP.

Another doubt I have is this thing called webRTC hardware acceleration download in the nvidia website for the Jetson Nano.

I know that webRTC is a protocol of sorts to live stream and it boasts low latency. Would this package be beneficial to me when I’m trying to achieve live streaming latencies of 100ms or if possible less?

Thank you very much!

Please check FAQs

Q: Is there any sample of running RTSP server?

Hi DaneLLL,
Thank you for the tip on the rtsp server :)

But may I know what is the webrtc hardware acceleration for? Thanks ;)

Webrtc is mainly used in browser. Not sure about the latency. Other users may share experience on this.
It is certain that our webrtc package can bring better decoding performance and low power consumption when comparing to software decoder.