wglDXRegisterObjectNV access violation in nvoglv64.dll on latest drivers 377.11 (quadro M1000M)

Latest driver updates seems to have caused a hard crash on call to wglDXRegisterObjectNV in certain conditions.

Win7, HP laptop workstation with Intel i7 IGP 530 and NVIDIA quadro M1000M.
Graphics driver 369.** works fine.
Graphics driver 377.11 hard crash.

GL context created from window and hdc. Reports as NVIDIA renderer with GL4.5 support.
GL interop created over a D3D11 swap chain backbuffer using interop2 extensions.

On a first call to wglDXRegisterObjectNV registering backbuffer from swap chain, access violation occures.

Investigating, connecting extra monitor and switching primary display solves the problem.

Programatically, if adapters enumerated, DXGI reports 2 adapters, both NVIDIA with same Vendor, Device, IDs. Only difference is Luid.

Interop works when D3D11 initialized on one of those adapters, in particular the one that seems to correspond to second monitor or non-laptop display. For another adapter there is always crash.

Please advice, what options are there. It does seem as a driver issue and theoretical workaround is to choose right adapter. Are there any good/robust ways of doing it?

One thought was that if there a way to determine LUID (local unique identifier) from GL context on Window of cause, that would allow to choose matching adapter? If anyone know of such ways, API?

Expectation is if, by some reasons, sharing for created device / adapter is not supported, then call to wglDXOpenDeviceNV should fail. In current situation, call to this function always succeed but following calls to wglDXRegisterObjectNV crash with access violation in the driver, which does not allow to switch to another adapter or implement any fallback.