What does it mean that the FAN will trip at 0°C?


When exploring the TX2 I found the following tripping points for the FAN:

trip_point_0_temp = 0°C (active)
trip_point_1_temp = 51°C (active)
trip_point_2_temp = 61°C (active)
trip_point_3_temp = 71°C (active)
trip_point_4_temp = 82°C (active)
trip_point_5_temp = 140°C (active)
trip_point_6_temp = 150°C (active)
trip_point_7_temp = 160°C (active)
trip_point_8_temp = 170°C (active)
trip_point_9_temp = 180°C (active)

This is an image of trip_point_0_temp

What does it mean at 0°C? That the fan will start functioning at that temperature? What will be the purpose?

Please refer to

By default it is 0. You can customize it to other value(< trip_point_1 51)

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What does this mean? I mean the <top>


hello Aizzaac,

it’s the path of the tegrastats sources code. but we did not public release that folder for reference.

ok. Because I want to see the code. I am wondering what formula has been used to calculate power consumption?

hello Aizzaac,

you may refer to developer guide, please check Software-Based Power Consumption Modeling.
you should access INA3221 power monitor for checking power consumption.

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