Questions about fan speed

Dear Nvidia,

I know that we could use

echo 255 > /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_fan/target_pwm

to manually enable the fan on maximum speed.

However, I never seen the fan worked without this command,

So, my question is:
1 Could TX2 control its fan PWM automatically according to is temperature?
2 Could the process be self-defined or overwrite? How to achieve this?


Hi nvidia13gmf, yes, by default the Jetson TX2 devkit will automatically turn on and control the fan PWM signal when the chip gets hot.

Have you ran a benchmark like CUDA n-body? The fan normally kicks on after a bit when the processor is under load.

Hi dusty_nv

i read the fan spec, this fan will output the fan frequency.

can Tegra TX2 read the fan speed?