What is difference between l4t-tensorflow container and tensorflow container

what is difference between l4t-tensorflow container and tensorflow container
and i do not understand about l4t-container.
if i download jetpack, do i need to use l4t-container ?


Hi @Tebinvv
The l4t-tensorflow container is used to run Tensorflow specifically on Jetson. And to use l4t-tensorflow container you require jetpack version 4.4 or higher version.
2. If you load jetpack, and you want to run Tensorflow on Jetson you can either download directly from the developer website Installing TensorFlow For Jetson Platform :: NVIDIA Deep Learning Frameworks Documentation here is the reference, else you can also work using l4t-container from the reference which you have posted

Thank you

Thanks for Comment…!!
I still wonder that if i download Jetpack 4.4 ( L4TR32.4.3 )
could i use only one specific tensorflow version and one specific pytorch version ?
i want to test various version of tensorflow and pytorch
because of using the source
something like these
yolov4-deepsort : GitHub - theAIGuysCode/yolov4-deepsort: Object tracking implemented with YOLOv4, DeepSort, and TensorFlow.
yolov5-deepsort : GitHub - HowieMa/DeepSORT_YOLOv5_Pytorch: DeepSORT + YOLOv5

I think that if i use the docker, i can use any version of tensorflow and pytorch
is it possible?