What is the correct Mellanox OFED version for the latest HPC-X?

​The website has a 2.4.1 HPC-X listed, but it pops to the right into MLNX_OFED of 4.5-

The v2.4.0 HPC-X pops to the right into a MOFED of 4.5-, which is the latest MOFED posted.

Is the key for 2.4.1 just in error, or is 2.4.0 the correct one to load with 4.5-


2.4.1 is available for Mellanox OFED v4.5- for RH7.6.

2.4.0 is available for the Mellanox OFED versions 4.6, 4.5 and 4.4 for various OS.

Mellanox 4.6- is listed for 2.4.0… and 4.5- is listed for 2.4.1.

That went backwards? So 2.4.0 is correct for 4.6?

HPC-X versions compiled against specific version of Mellanox OFED. HPC-X v2.4.0 should work well for most users and can be used with the following Mellanox OFED versions:





​So that is to say that the latest HPC-X v2.4.1 is currently only supported by an older version of ofed, and that the widget on the webpage is correct. The newer version of ofed is supported by the older revision of HPC-X (v4.2.4.0). But that older version of HPC-X supports multiple OFED versions.