What is the correct version of the Cuda Profiler for the Mac

Hi there.

I have successfully installed Cuda 3.1 on a MB Pro and ported the Cuda program that
I have been developing under Linux. That worked flawlessly.

I have been unable, however, to get the Cuda Profiler to work. This profiler seems to
be version 1.0.11, and it gets the infamous -94 error that so many have reported. I
think that I have read here in the forums that this is the wrong version of the profiler to use
with this version of the toolkit (could be wrong, but that is what I think people are telling

If so, can you tell me what is the correct version, and where do I get it from, as it is
really not obvious from any of the Nvidia download pages.

Thank you!

I answered my own question. The cuda profiler does indeed come with the
toolkit for 3.1. (Dont know why I also have an older version, but that probably
has to do with something else I thought I had to load as well). This version
is located at /usr/local/cuda/computeprof/computeprof.app which I start from
the finder. There was also some sort of incompatibility either of version or from
Linux cuda 3.0 to mac 3.1, but for whatever reason, I must have the cuda profiler
execute the gpu program directly, not indirectly through a shell script which is
how I normally do things.

All the other problems, including the infamous -94 error indeed seem to be a result
of trying to use the wrong, older version.