What is the maximum quantity of camera VC to be supported by jetson xavier nx?

As shown bellows, it was said to be support 36 virtual channel through 12 MIPI lane. However I doubt that this could be wrong ? And in another thread of comparing Jetson series product, it was said to be support 24 virtual channel through 12 MIPI lane ? Could you confirm which one is correct ?

Anyone can reply pls ?

Please take this right answer due to system capability.

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hello v.dungnn14,

there’s documentation erroneous,
please check developer guide CSI Connectivity, the maximum number of sensor connections supported on each Jetson platforms.
we did not validate aggregator without ISP,
please consider virtual channels supported on Jetson TX2 is 12, on Jetson AGX Xavier is 16.

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Hello JerryChang,

Many thanks for your feedback.
May I ask one more question about if input to jetson board is kind of multi-ipcameras through ethernet port 1000Mbps. Whether VC to be supported via ethernet (PoE) protocol. I mean to get up to 16 camera stream in parallel ?

Many thanks,

For IP CAM you only need to consider the network bandwidth. And it won’t use Tegra camera interface(NVCSI/VI) that means there’s no VC question for it.

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Here is specs I get from Jetson Xavier NX for Video Decode:
44 x 1080p30 (H.265)
22 x 1080p30 (H.264)

So it mean that Jetson NX can support maximum to 44 or 22 decoding thread at the same time ?

Yes, ideally you can run 44 h265 decoding processes simultaneously and each process can achieve 1080p30.

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