What is the most stable driver for the GTX980 Ti which support Vulkan?

Time to ask this good old question again~

Hi there, around 9 months ago I got my Asus GTX980 Ti 6GB STRIX-GTX980TI-DC3OC-6GD5-GAMING DirectCU III

And since I tend to have bad experience with Nvidia drivers I usually open thread which ask what is the most stable driver for the card I currently using.

Last time people recommended me the 359.06 which is by all honesty great!
I didn’t had single driver crash with it (even on silly looking apps like MS’s IE10) or any other issue on any game so far…

So why I want to update my driver again? Because games such as Doom need Vulkan support in order to be able to run in Vulkan mod.

I don’t really feel like moving to new driver and find new issues so that why I would like to ask people for recommendations on any STABLE Nvidia driver which support Vulkan