What is TX2 GPIO interrupt frequency?

We found some topic say it is 10.7KHz,it is true?
if yes ,its too slow for our application.
and also want know the TX2 GPIO clock frequency

Hi, could you pls tell where you found it is 10.7kHz and what the GPIO clock means as you mentioned? Seems there is no public doc for this.

Its a mistake, its not from NV forum, have another question,
how can we change the frequency of GPIO to 20Khz?

We are checking internally, will update once available.

Hi denvend,

In general, TX2 has gpio toggle speed of 0.33MHz.

Please help providing more data from your usecase?
Are you looking for the GPIO toggling speed or the rate of GPIO controller clock source?

Also you need to provide which GPIO are you referring, is it from AON cluster or from non aon cluster.

Thanks & Regards,