What pins on the carrier card supplied with the developer kit Xavier NX are the ina3221 power monitors on?

I’m trying to use the module’s power monitoring feature similar to how I successfully monitored the AGX. From Read data from module INA3321 - Xavier NX
I’ve opened the tegra-194-powermon-p3668.dtsi file and it looks like the sense resistors are 0.005 ohm. I’m looking for the i2c signals on pins 27 (sda) and 28 (sclk) which works for the TX2 and AGX. I haven’t found clear documentation (to me at least) that confirms these are the pins. I did find that these are on the i2c_gen8 ports (I think) from NX Product Guide, and these are in the A0 (??) block of the SOC-i2c as is the i2c0. I’ve verified that goes to the 40 pin header, but I’m not getting a response from the port. Do I need to do an additional configuration to acces the gen8 i2c from pins 27 & 28 on the 40 pin header? As in the other post, I am not using the utility as we’re planning to do a potentially destructive test and wish to monitor the power monitors directly.
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In Xavier NX module, the GEN8_I2C is not routed out to carrier board.

Thank you for the quick response. Is it possible to access the power monitors from the expansion connector by changing the BSP and is that documented? It seemed implied that they were available from the moderator’s reply to the earlier post Read data from module INA3321 - Xavier NX.

Alternatively, can you (or anyone reading this) suggest an alternative carrier card for the NX that breaks out the power monitoring i2c?


No, the I2C is in module only, can’t be access from external pins. You can read data as the post you posted.

No such carrier board as the pins are not routed out on module connector.

Ah, ok. That wasn’t clear to me from the pinmux spreadsheet. Back to the drawing board.

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