What types of raw data supported?

Hi Orin nano team:
I find out that 'Up to 4 cameras, 8 lanes MIPI CSI-2 D-PHY 2.1 (up to 20 Gbps) '.
My question:

  1. Dose it support 16bits bayer Raw format,captured from mipi and do ISP? What is the maximum ISP processing capacity?
  2. Dose the mipi support MIPI TX?
  1. No support 16bit Bayer Raw yet.
  2. Not clear the question. BTW Jetson platform support as MIPI spec.

Dose any Jetson’s chip support 16bits Bayer Raw ISP now?

Do not support 16bits Bayer Raw format. But able support 16Bits merged like PWL HDR.

To be precise, what we need is for MIPI to accept DataType.= 0x2e, and RAW16 bits companded or linear ISP.
So which chip support PWL HDR?

Current ISP driver don’t support DataType = 0x2e RAW16 format and didn’t have plan in nearly future.
All current all Jetson platform able support PWL HDR.

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