What version of the jetson sdk am I running?

I have had Jetson products for a while and I have installed various software packages on them. I want to update some of the installed software but I don’t know which version to select as they are based on Jetson Jetpack versions. How do I figure out which version I have installed?

I know how to figure out which CUDA version I have installed through “nvidia-smi”. I just don’t know about Jetpack versions.

Hi robotsgotme, for newer versions of JetPack, you can check the L4T version (which corresponds to JetPack version) with the following command:

$ dpkg-query --show nvidia-l4t-core

For older versions of JetPack-L4T, look at the top of the file /etc/nv_tegra_release

You can determine the JetPack version from the L4T version by cross-referencing against this page:

Jetson doesn’t support nvidia-smi, as it uses an integrated GPU with a different userspace driver than the discrete GPUs.

However you can still check CUDA version by running ‘nvcc --version’ or deviceQuery sample.

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