What's the max frequency of Xavier NX decoder?

I can see the frequency of the decoder is 793 Mhz. Is it the max frequency? Can I make it higher to decoder more video?

The maximum frequency of hardware engines are listed in

It is maximum throughput of Xavier NX. For higher performance, may consider Xavier or Orin.

If I want to decoder 4*4k60. YUV444. Which jetson can do it ?

It looks like no Jetson platforms can support 4x 4Kp60 for YUV4444. The latest Orin can do 3x 4Kp60 for YUV420. The performance may be lower for YUV444.

Can I overclock the decoder’s frequency? Maybe 1Ghz or 900Mhz is all right ^_^


No, this is not supported. The maximum frequency of all hardware engines is listed in power modes. Exceeding the constraint may trigger instability.

I just want to test. Because I see that nano can overclock 30%. Can you show me how to turn the clock?


We don’t have manual steps for this.

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Thank you any way ^_^

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