When can we expect that Cuda 9.2 and cudnn will be compatible with ubunto 18.04?

I am using ubunto 18.04, and want to install tensorflow-gpu.

Going throw the tensorflow instruction it seems that there is no support for the new ubunto by Nvidia.

I understand it is possible to install as seen in the blog:

However this doesn’t work for me, and I prefer to wait for a more official release. How can I tell when such expected?

Well tensor flow isn’t Nvidia’s software. It is Google’s. I was able to get Cuda 9.2 and cudnn 7.1 to install pretty easily on 18.04 (especially, since the 17.10 support has been released) with no real issues. So, yeah, you might have to talk to Mr. Google to chip chop chip on that 18.04 support.