Problems with Cuda Toolkit & Nvidia Docker on Ubuntu 21.04

Hi, I want to use my laptop (Gpu 3070 Mobile / Max Q) with Tensorflow with the new Ubuntu 21.04 version. I have not been able to use it by installing Cuda Toolkit (11.2.2) and neither was Nvidia Docker.

Nvidia Docker:
Unsupported distribution!
Check []

Cuda Toolkit:

Both do not have support for the new Ubuntu, when could we hear news about it?

Thank you

Hello! I was able to run my GTX3070 Max Q/ Mobile with Cuda on ubuntu 21.04, to fix the compatibility problem I had to install cuda with sudo

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit

I followed this procedure, I just changed the Nvidia Cuda Toolkit Step for sudo, but the rest its the same

And I was able to get the correct version for the new Ubuntu. I have this versions:

Python version 3.9.5 (default, Jun 4 2021, [12:28:51][GCC 7.5.0]
Tensorflow Gpu version: 2.5.0
keras version 2.5.0 Hub version: 0.12.0
TF Datasets version 4.3.0
GPUs Available: 1
Cudnn version 8
Cuda Version 11.2



how to changed the Nvidia Cuda Toolkit Step? plz…