When deepstream6.2 will be updated?

Hello NVs,

I have noticed that deepstream6.2 will be updated in 2022Q4 from GTC speech.

I would like to know the approximate date as we want to update our product according it.


Should be at end of Q4.

Hi @yingliu ,

Thanks for your answer.

The other question is whether paraller pipeline function will be included in sdk? As now it is available from GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/deepstream_parallel_inference_app: A project demonstrating how to use nvmetamux to run multiple models in parallel.

If you are looking for parallel inference you can use the one in github as you indicated, it is based on DS6.1.1.
At the time being I cannot say whether it will be part of SDK or not but it will be adapted for DS6.2.

But we want to achieve this function in deepstream-app, because we have modified the source of it for our solutions.

So the best way is deepstream-app from sdk contain parallel inference function, and we will do a little change for it.


Currently we don’t have plan to integrate parallel branches in deepstream-app. You can try to integrate since they are all open source.

Fine, thanks! @Fiona.Chen

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