When I can access Isaacsim 2023.1.0 version?


It has been noticed that Isaacsim 2023.1.0 will be released in early October 2023 from the “Nvidia orbit” repo.
Actually, I already found out that Isaacsim 2023.1.0 is planned to be released in July 2023.
But, it has not even been released yet!
I am really looking forward to the new version that will fix the contact sensor.
When will Issacsim release the new version?
I want to know the exact date!!!



The talk in the local tavern is that it should be released within a week. I think these things are hard to predict exactly because sometimes an issue comes up and it’s not clear how long it will be to fix it.

@gwangin - It has been available since past week. Please try it on your end and let us know if you see any issues.

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