When will tlt-converter be rebuilt against TRT 6.x+?

I’m on JP 4.3 with the Xavier AGX and JP 4.4 DP with Xavier NX. I’m trying to convert an .etlt to a .engine file, but when running tlt-converter I get this error:

“tlt-converter: error while loading shared libraries: libnvinfer.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

When will tlt-converter be updated?

Please see https://docs.nvidia.com/metropolis/TLT/tlt-getting-started-guide/index.html#gen_eng_tlt_converter

The doc is updated.

You should use
trt-converter 6 for JP4.3,
trt-converter 7 for JP4.4 DP,

Thank you! For anyone who stumbles into this thread the documentation contains the link to the version of tlt-converter compatible with TRT 7.1. The link to tlt-converter compatible with TRT 6.0 is:


1- For jetpack 4.2.x, tlt-converter 5 needed?
2- nvcr.io/nvidia/tlt-streamanalytics:v1.0_py2 is for jetpack 4.2.x and 4.3.x ?
nvcr.io/nvidia/tlt-streamanalytics:v2.0_dp_py2 is for jetpack 4.4 DP?

  1. Please read https://docs.nvidia.com/metropolis/TLT/tlt-getting-started-guide/index.html#gen_eng_tlt_converter
  2. Yes.