Where are the other language (C#, Python, Node) wrappers around the C/C++ API?

The Maxine API looks like very simple C/C++ code:

These look like simple candidates to wrap in other languages, such as C#, Python, Node, etc.
I search nuget and npmjs for libraries and see none relevant:

Before I write my own (probably in C# since that is my immediate use case) I thought I’d ask:

  1. Nvidia is a multi-billion $ company. Why does it not provide more than just only a simple C/C++ API?
  2. Has no one else from the community written wrappers around this?

Hi Swooby,
Maxine has seen some exciting adoption - so I am would not too surprised if others have created some wrappers too.
I can not comment on the Maxine roadmap, but I do know there there are some GTC sessions talking about Maxine at next month’s GTC - so I would encourage you to sign up for GTC and perhaps even make this a feature request at one of the Maxine sessions. GTC 2022: #1 AI Conference
I will also ask around - and if I find out anything will let you know too.

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FYI, I have implemented a C# wrapper library and a demo app that tests that it works.

It is hot off the presses and needs a little more cleanup and testing from other folks before I’d consider it reliable.

I also want to extract the Noise Suppression specific code of the demo app in to a first class… um… er… well… class!

I could also use some expert opinion from anyone that really knows this SDK to tell me if the code is doing things correctly, or if there are any big obvious improvements I can make to the code.


I’m working on Video Effects SDK API for .Net.
Mostly done, including NuGet package - GitHub - roman-miniailov/NvidiaMaxineNet: Nvidia Maxine API for .Net

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