Where can I download deepstream 4.0

I received your email, say, “Your request to become a DeepStream SDK on Jetson Early Access tester has been approved.”

From your website, I can only find Deepstream 3.0. In fact, I need to use deepstream in my jetson nano developkit to evaluate performance of deepstream. I know that only deepstream 4.0 can support jetson nano. So, where can I download deepstream 4.0 ?

developer.nvidia.com website still show:
Membership required,
Sorry, but access to the content you have requested is restricted. You might want to join the program or login. Approval pending

Moving to EA forum due to the DS 4.0 has been public announced yet.
We can’t find the approval for your email account, not sure how you get it, please contact with NVIDIA PM first.