Where can I find Manufacturer Part Number of DNI components?

BOM doesn’t include DNI components. Is there any documents including the information of DNI components? Thank you.

And the pin connected to GND in both D69A and B is
the 3rd pin. There is not the 8th pin in the figure. Is it right that there are two the 3rd pins?

Why need P/N of these DNI EMI and ESD devices?

I would like to learn about the specific parameters of Mutual inductances such as L48.
Another question about D69 is about pins. Both A and B of the component have #3 pin ,but there is no #8 pin, I think it is very strange for me. So I checked its datasheet. #8 pin is also GND, I am confused about this . Is there any problem with the pin annotation in the schematics? I’m just a beginner, please forgive my foolish question.

Orin Nano platform validation done without L48, so we don’t have verified P/N to provide.
Generic mutual inductances for usb2.0 will work.

[Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Reference Design Files] can be found at:
Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Reference Design Files
Pin#3 and Pin#8 just build with different symbol, no logic error, check ORCAD and ALLEGRO design file can show how the symbol is.

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