Where can I find the Virtualization Programming Guide?

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I would like to configure more guest OSes for the type-1 hypervisor available on the AGX Xavier SoC. Hence I would like to get more details on the hypervisor, its configuration how-to, and programmability and general administration and usage.
The Drive OS 5.2 SDK Developer Guide in the ‘Additional Documentation’ section mentions a separate document called ‘Virtualization Programming Guide’. Could you point me where I can find this document?

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DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.6
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NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Xavier DevKit (E3550)
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native Ubuntu 18.04

Hi @Tamas.Szokol,

It isn’t publicly available documentation. May we know the reason why you need it? Thanks.

Hi @VickNV,

We are developing a unit, which runs multiple guest OSes and their applications on AGX Xavier and that’s why I need the configuration, administration, monitoring, programming documentation
My company has a valid NDA with NVIDIA and our developers have approved accesses to the Drive AGX program.

I will check internally and get back to you. Thanks.

NDA is not enough for it. Please contact your nvidia rep for further details. Thanks.

To clarify, DRIVE OS does support a hypervisor developed by NVIDIA. DRIVE OS Hypervisor hosts a single guestOS virtual machine and several foundational servers to offload functionalities such as storage, OTA management, and security services.

DRIVE OS does not allow customers to configure the Hypervisor to add guestOS VMs out of the box. The DRIVE OS Hypervisor and VM configuration is architected and fine-tuned for functionality, safety, and security.