Where could I find the API docs


I’m working with the tasks provided in the repo. The environment is created using the ‘gymapi’ module:
‘self.gym = gymapi.acquire_gym()’
And then several functions are called later, such as
‘self.gym.apply_rigid_body_force_tensors’ and ‘self.gym.set_dof_position_target_tensor’.

I would like to know where could I find the docs which introduce all these API functions so that I could learn what I could use and how to use them. Thanks!

Zheyu Du

Hey there,
The docs for isaacgym can be found in the folder where you’ve downloaded isaacgym. Under the docs sub folder, you’ll find some HTML files, click on about_gym.html. On the left panel go to ProgrammingAPI RefernencePython API.
Hope this helps

Nice!! Thanks so much for your help.