carb::gym::GymDofProperties documentation

The Isaac Gym API documentation for Python states that get_actor_dof_properties returns a named numpy array of carb::gym::GymDofProperties. However, I cannot find the documentation for this object. Is it available somewhere?

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Hi @aart.stuurman ,

It looks like we didn’t provide the documentation for this struct. The properties of GymDofProperties are:

    hasLimits - Flags whether the DOF has limits.
    lower - lower limit of DOF. In radians or meters
    upper - upper limit of DOF. In radians or meters
    driveMode - Drive mode for the DOF. See GymDofDriveMode.
    velocity - Maximum velocity of DOF. In Radians/s, or m/s
    effort - Maximum effort of DOF. in N or Nm.
    stiffness - DOF stiffness.
    damping - DOF damping.
    friction - DOF friction coefficient, a generalized friction force is calculated as DOF force multiplied by friction.
    armature - DOF armature, a value added to the diagonal of the joint-space inertia matrix. Physically, it corresponds to the rotating part of a motor - which increases the inertia of the joint, even when the rigid bodies connected by the joint can have very little inertia. Larger values could improve simulation stability.

Thank you, this helps. @fuda.van.diggelen also made me aware that there is some documentation available at docs/programming/physics.html, although yours clears up the units.

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