Where to get a full specification of the Nano CPU? Looking for GICv3 hw device

I want to figure out if the Nano CPU is able to run full KVM virtualization. Currently I do have KVM configured and it works with Qemu. But I do have some use case where I need a GICv3 device. Now I want to figure out if the Nano CPU has such a GICv3 device built-in?

Where can I find the detailed specs of these CPU’s? Same questions for TX1 and TX2 boards.

Thanks for any help or pointers!


Hi dieter.reuter,

You could check the TRM document, please see the updated Tegra X1 (SoC) Technical Reference Manual from this page:


Thanks! This helps a lot.
So, the Jetson Nano X1 CPU has a built-in GIC-400 which complies to GICv2.

Now I want to see what GIC device is there for the AGX, maybe this can be discovered by a similar way.

Note that the AGX Xavier uses the NVIDIA Carmel ARM cores, not the Core-A53/57 cores used on the X1 and X2 SOCs.
The CCPLEX (CPU Complex, chapter 5) documents GICc2 compatibility for the AGX Xavier module.

OK, then AGX Xavier supports GICv2.
Thanks @snarky!