Which .dtsi files need to be included in main dts file?

Hello, nVidia Support,

I generated three .dtsi files from pinmux excelsheet:


I am able to convert these to .cfg using the python scripts.

The next question is which .dtsi file shall I include in the main .dts file?

[How to use the .dtsi files generated by pinmux tool? - #32 by WayneWWW]
from this link:

Jan 03 '22

Only that gpio and pinmux dtsi are needed.

but in this thread,

“don’t need to” seems to be a “must not” in our case. When the pinmux dtsi is added the kernel won’t boot with the default setting of the Excel sheet.

Does that mean I only need to add the xxx_gpio.dtsi file to the main dts file?

Mei Guodong

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Yes, you only need to add gpio dtsi to kernel dts.

Hello WayneWWW,

Thank you for your reply.

I have tried including either xxx-gpio.dtsi in main dts, or not including it, and then make the new kernel image and kernel dtb.
Ether way, the system can boot up normally now.

I have set some GPIO to output 1/output 0 in the pinmux excelsheet.

After boot up, I cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio, but I do not see any change of the GPIO state in these files.

in which file should I verify that the GPIO state has changed(and my new pinmux and gpio settings has taken effect)?

Thank you
Mei guodong


Could you check if your device tree is really taking effect in /proc/device-tree/ first?

Also, the output high and low is more like the default state when you export it in sysfs. But not directly enable by default.

Hello WayneWWW,

I can see under /proc/device-tree, there are some folders relating to gpio:

How do I verify that the new gpio new device tree is taking effect?

Should I verify it in the 40-pin header?

I modified these three gpio in excel sheet? how do I map these pins to the 40-pin gpio header?

Thank you very much!
Mei Guodong

You could refer to this website and use the pin name to search in the spreadsheet.
The spreadsheet will point out the GPIO pins. For example, your screenshot showed GPIO01 is GPIO pin Q,05.

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Hi Wayne,

thanks for your support. I am able to measure the desired voltage on respective GPIO pins.


Wanted know what is the .CFG file name that generated from the .DTSI files obtained from the PINMUX spreadsheet.

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